Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Bank upon in Europe

is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe.
With its headquarters’ in Netherlands, it is there to change the
crypto paradigm of Europe and ultimately the whole world. The
exchange strives to become a pioneer in making crypto trading as less
expensive as possible for its users. With a highly lucrative fee
structure of flat 0.20%, it has the capability of making even the
largest crypto exchanges to bow on their knees.

boasts itself to be an exchange for the people and with its simple
yet elegant design; it is one of the best crypto exchanges for the
beginners. Account registration is a 5 minute process and is KYC
Compliant. Registering an account at Bitdenex gives a 10000 satoshi
bonus right away making it a lucrative offer for the beginners.

also has a mobile App that can help the users in buying and selling
cryptocurrencies on the go with the most promising security features
that only the best in the crypto world are offering. Also, the
exchange boasts itself to be an exchange with extremely strict policy
for listing coins to ensure that the users are not scammed or rug
pulled by the scammers and fake cryptocurrency projects. The exchange
provides 24/7 support for its customers.

users can directly transfer their funds in Euro to their free
Bitdenex trading account and start trading immediately. For the
countries of the European Union, payments can be made through SEPA
and for the users of Netherlands iDeal is an additional payment
method available on the exchange. For the countries outside the
European Union, USDT pair trading is available at the moment.

Kraken is a US Based cryptocurrency exchange which is one of the largest and oldest exchanges in the world. It was founded in the year 2011 and since then is transforming the whole crypto industry. It ranks among the world’s top 5 cryptocurrencies and provides an array of products such as staking, spot trading, margin trading and futures trading.

Kraken provides a support to about 96 cryptocurrencies that are listed on the basis of strict selection procedure followed at the exchange. The exchange can be used by a variety of users including the beginners as well as the most sophisticated ones. The Kraken exchange has a slightly expensive fee structure with fee as high as 1.5% for the normal customer and an average fee of 0.20% for the Kraken Pro customers.

The exchange provides the buying and selling of the cryptocurrencies using the all the major currencies such as USD, Euro, JPY, GBP etc. and has an option of registering an individual as well as business account that can be setup in minutes. The security is high end and the exchange is termed as the safest of all.

With over 10 Million users, Kucoin is among the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The Kucoin has the most attractive design of all the crypto exchanges that keeps the users occupied while using the exchange. With multi device support Kucoin can be used by anyone and from anywhere in the world, even on the go. Kucoin has the motive of spreading cryptocurrency knowledge throughout the world and strives to become the best cryptocurrency exchange there is.

Kucoin has a lucrative fee structure with an average fee of 0.10% which can be reduced if the fee is paid using KCS (Native token of Kucoin) which reduces the fee to a bare minimum of 0.08%. Kucoin has a proper procedure for listing coins and requires to filling a form for listing. At the same time, the project has to disclose all the information regarding the project with the Kucoin team before listing which provides enough security for its users.

Kucoin has a vast product catalogue with spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, lending etc. to choose from. Kucoin has a unique feature of Trading Bot which provides users with an option of automatic trading on set parameters that can be customized by the users. This feature can help users in placing buying and selling orders automatically without worrying about the market fluctuations.

There are 568 cryptocurrencies listed on Kucoin that can be bought using 48 fiat currencies making it a global platform. Kucoin offers extensive security for its customers by utilizing the best in the industry, security applications.

A Shanghai based cryptocurrency exchange; Binance is the most popular among all. The sheer volume of trades being executed on Binance makes it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Binance was founded in 2017 and within the period of almost 5 years it has reached the pinnacle of the crypto world. With a huge number of investment options and a huge product portfolio, Binance is an exchange for the experienced investors.

The exchange offers a low fee mechanism with fee as low as 0.10% of the trade and at the same time lists over 100 cryptocurrencies on its platform for trading. The Binance is known for its P2P payment method (using SEPA and SWIFT) that provides users with the ability of funding their Binance accounts through fiat currencies to buy their favourite cryptocurrencies.

The account opening mechanism is quite refined and the user has to perform a full KYC to start trading on the platform. The exchange provides a multi-device support so that users of all spheres can trade even on the go. Binance also provides various options such as leverage trading that can help in maximizing the chances of profits for the traders. The security features at Binance are top notch and among the best in the industry.

Due to vast amount of features, Binance is better suited for more experienced users and the beginners can find it too overwhelming to use.

After its inception in 2018, Bybit has quickly registered into the top crypto exchange players of the world. Based in British Virgin Islands and with an office in Singapore, Bybit operates throughout the world and supports buying cryptocurrencies with various major fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and AED. The exchange claims it to be one of the fastest exchanges for trading as it boasts to have the capability of 100,000 transactions per second.

The exchanges focus on both segments of the traders i.e. the novice traders as well as experienced traders. The spot and derivates trading are available for the novice traders whereas leverage trading is for the experienced ones. The exchange boasts itself to be the most inexpensive in terms of use as it has a 0 maker fees and a least 0.10% taker fee making it the cheapest in the world.

The cryptocurrency listing is done on the basis of various factors and is quite strict. At present Bybit has listed 110 cryptocurrencies on its platform that can be actively traded. The account registering process is quite smooth and secure. The exchange has extensive security features that have the capability of keeping the customer’s funds safe. The user interface is quite simple and even the beginners can easily use the platform for trading in cryptocurrencies.