A Survey shows that around 25% of adults in the US are Planning To Invest in Crypto

A recently released report “Crypto perception report 2022” by crypto exchange Huobi, contains data regarding a survey about the views of the average person on cryptocurrency, their plans of investment, and emerging trends in the crypto ecosystem. 

In the survey, 3,144 US adults above the age of 18 participated, out of which 47% were men. 

The report also points out the fact that despite doing so well in 2021, crypto is still a niche topic among many people. 

The results of the survey depict that around 47% of the adults neither hold any crypto holdings nor are interested in investing in crypto. 25% were willing to invest in crypto in the future, even though currently they didn’t hold any crypto tokens. Only 28% of the adults have crypto holdings. 

When asked about the future of cryptocurrency, “42% said that they are ambivalent and had no information about it, 23% thinks it to be a scam, 19% believe that it is the next big thing in the financial industry that will change the definition of money and 16% think that it will grow, but not by much”.   

On talking about the reason for investing in cryptocurrency, 40% chose “longer investment potential, 27% chose “general interest” and 18% chose “short-term investment potential”. 

Disclaimer: The article should not be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing.

Photo by – Icons8_team on Pixabay