A Web3 solution is being developed by Google Cloud and Tezos Blockchain

A new partnership between Google’s cloud computing division and the Tezos blockchain will allow it to act as a network validator. A significant enhancement to its Web3 capabilities has been made with this new addition.

On February 22, Google Cloud announced its partnership with the Tezos Foundation, a Swiss-based non-profit that promotes the Tezos blockchain. As a result of this partnership, Google Cloud’s computing service users will be able to establish Tezos nodes and develop Web3 applications on the blockchain.

Like Ethereum, Cardano, and other blockchain-based smart contract platforms, Tezos fuels decentralized applications. Ubisoft and the California Department of Motor Vehicles are among the companies that have used Tezos.

Companies and developers can deploy RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes for their Web3 applications using Google Cloud infrastructure and the Tezos blockchain through this partnership.

In accordance with the announcement, both new and current Google Cloud customers will have access to the Tezos Foundation’s corporate baking program. As part of the program, Tezos will make it simple for Google Cloud users who want to create Web3 apps to deploy nodes and indexers for the Tezos protocol.

Tezos and Google Cloud will collaborate to provide Google Cloud credits and mentorship to a few Tezos incubator companies through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

The Tezos Foundation’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mason Edwards, sees this partnership as a crucial step toward institutional adoption and increasing the market potential for Web3 technology.

Google Cloud established a specialized team for digital assets in January 2022 with the goal of promoting the development and growth of the blockchain ecosystem. The team’s main goal was to assist Google Cloud customers in creating, exchanging, maintaining, and introducing new goods on platforms powered by blockchain technology.

In October, the Near Foundation announced a new partnership between Near Protocol and Google Cloud. The partnership was meant to support Pagoda, a Web3 startup platform created by Near, in terms of infrastructure.

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